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Ticketing Policy for Sellers

  1. This Ticketing Policy for Sellers forms part of the User Agreement that you expressly agree to be bound by when listing ticket(s) for sale or supply on our site.
  2. Minimum Requirements
    1. In order to list, offer for sale, supply and/or sell ticket(s) on our service, you must:
      1. be able to enter into legally binding contracts;
      2. be aged at least 18 years old; and
      3. not be offering ticket(s) for sale in the course of a trade, business or profession, or on behalf of others.
  3. Ticket Resale Prices
    1. You are only permitted to charge buyers the following costs for your tickets:
      1. The face value of the ticket(s) (meaning the price stated on the ticket(s)) or less;
      2. The booking fees actually incurred by you when you originally purchased the ticket(s), up to a maximum of 15% of the face value ticket price (except for events where we are aware that the booking fee was greater than 15%); and
      3. The actual cost (if any) of the agreed delivery method as per the standard charges set out at the time of selection (also see the 'How It Works ' section of our site).
    2. You are not permitted to charge, re-charge, make surcharges or add any other costs or fees, including those that you may have incurred in the purchase of your tickets (such as shipping costs and/or insurance).
    3. We reserve the right to charge a per ticket resale fee on the sale or supply of certain event ticket(s) via our site. Any applicable resale fees will be communicated to you during the ticket listing process.
  4. Exclusivity
    1. You are only permitted to sell or supply ticket(s) via our service on an exclusive basis. This means that whilst you have ticket(s) listed for sale or supply via our service, you must not offer those ticket(s) for sale or supply elsewhere (either online or otherwise) or transfer them to another person via other means.
  5. Delivery
    1. Depending on your geographical location and the time available until the event commences, we will provide you with appropriate options for delivery of the tickets you have listed, from which you must select the option(s) to be presented to the buyer.
    2. The buyer will then select one delivery method from the option(s) presented to them, and you agree to deliver such tickets to the buyer(s) via the buyer's selected method within the time-frame applicable to the agreed delivery method, time being of the essence.
    3. You agree to always act reasonably and in good faith regarding the delivery of ticket(s), taking into account how close in time the event is and all guidelines we have made available to you regarding delivery and time-frames.
    4. You acknowledge that you are not permitted to substitute the agreed delivery method.
    5. If you do not comply with the agreed delivery method, and/or within the applicable time-frame as specified during the ticket listing process, the transaction will be invalid and you agree to refund the buyer in full. See the 'How It Works' section of our site for further details on time-frames. You also may be subject to a non-refundable administration fee as further detailed in Clause 11.
  6. Payment to the Seller
    1. When selling tickets on our service, you may be able to receive payment from the buyer in one of two ways:
      1. Directly from the buyer into your PayPal account ("PayPal Method"); or
      2. From our escrow account to your selected bank account after we have received payment from the buyer ("Escrow Method").
    2. The availability of the PayPal Method and the Escrow Method when selling ticket(s) will vary according to the type of event you are selling ticket(s) for and/or the selected ticket delivery method.
    3. PayPal Method: If you are to be paid via the PayPal Method, you must have a PayPal account in order to list and sell the relevant ticket(s) via our service. The payment you receive from the buyer will include an additional Twickets transaction fee that has been charged to the buyer for the use of our service. PayPal will then debit you the amount of the Twickets transaction fee in a separate transaction, and transfer that amount to Twickets. By using the PayPal Method you have authorised us to initiate this transaction.
    4. Escrow Method: If you are to be paid via the Escrow Method, please note that we will make payment to you once ticket(s) have been received by the buyer and the applicable event to which the ticket(s) relate has taken place. We will retain the Twickets transaction fee that has been charged to the buyer for the use of our service. We will endeavour to make payment to you within 5-8 days after the event but we reserve the right to withhold payment should we need to investigate any complaint received from the buyer relating to the provision of the ticket(s) or if the payment is recalled by the associated bank (otherwise known as a "chargeback"). Payment will not be released to you unless and until we are satisfied that you have complied with the terms of the User Agreement in relation to the ticket(s) that you sold.
    5. You acknowledge and agree that it is free to list tickets via our service, but you are responsible for the following costs:-
      1. In the case of the PayPal Method, any and all PayPal costs and charges in respect of your transaction(s) with the buyer via our service; and
      2. In all cases, the up-front costs (if any) of the agreed delivery method as per the standard charges set out at the time of selection (also see the 'How It Works' section of our site), which will be reimbursed to you by the buyer.
    6. We will not be liable to you for any chargebacks claimed by and paid to the buyer.
  7. Personal Information
    1. In order to list ticket(s) on our site you will need to register for a seller account. This will require you to set up a user name and password (which you must keep confidential) and supply certain personal details to us.
    2. You should take care in the type of information you share via our service and you should only share personal information (including contact details and/or financial information, for example) with the buyer as necessary and requested by us (further details can be found in our Privacy Policy).
    3. All information and/or data and/or content that you provide and/or post (including in relation to your identity as well as in relation to ticket(s) or the events to which they relate) must be accurate and complete and must be kept up to date by you - this includes contact information, as buyers and sellers need to be able to get in touch with each other and we need to be able to contact you.
  8. Ticket Listings
    1. You agree that when listing your ticket(s), you will always act in good faith and provide all the information we request accurately and honestly.
    2. You must provide all individual characteristics of the ticket(s) you are selling, including, as applicable:
      1. Name and location of the event;
      2. Information necessary to enable the buyer to identify a seat or standing area such as seat number(s), row number(s), block or stand number(s);
      3. The original booking reference;
      4. Information about any restriction which limits use of the ticket(s) to persons of a particular description (e.g. minimum age requirements);
      5. Any other information the buyer could reasonably expect to be given in relation to the tickets (for example, if multiple tickets for any given event(s) are not seated together).
    3. You must indicate any terms and conditions which apply to the ticket(s) that restrict resale of the ticket(s) in any circumstance or way, or could lead to cancellation if the event organiser discovers the ticket(s) has been re-sold.
    4. You warrant and represent that the ticket(s) you offer for sale, list, sell and supply:
      1. exist
      2. are authentic and not counterfeit
      3. match the description in the ticket listing you supplied
      4. are valid for the live event stated
      5. have been legally acquired by you
      6. can be sold via our service
      7. are owned by you in a personal capacity, and are not being resold for any commercial or illegal purposes
      8. in relation to physical tickets, are held "in-hand" by you unless we have stated during the ticket listing process that this is not a requirement
      9. in relation to e-tickets, have been received by you, retained and continue to be accessible
      10. are not subject to a prohibition on resale under the tickets' terms of sale
      11. do not require proof of ID for entry (other than to prove age for age-restricted events, or for certain partner events), and are not otherwise personalised in any way.
    5. By listing ticket(s), you are making an offer to supply such ticket(s) to the first buyer who commits to buy such ticket(s) i.e. accepts your offer. You and the buyer are therefore entering into a binding contract and when the buyer commits to purchase the ticket(s), you are bound to supply the relevant ticket(s) to that buyer strictly in accordance with the time-frame set out for the agreed delivery method.
    6. If you own and wish to list multiple ticket(s) to an event, and the ticket batch contains an invalid ticket, the transaction for all tickets in that batch is invalid and any buyer(s) will be entitled to a refund.
    7. Your sale will not be confirmed to the buyer until we have received confirmation of full payment by the buyer, following which we will send you confirmation of the sale.
    8. While your ticket(s) remains listed but unsold, you may cancel and remove your listing at any time.
    9. Once your ticket(s) have been sold (regardless of whether you have received confirmation of sale from us), you acknowledge and agree that you may NOT change your mind and cancel the transaction under any circumstances (including if the date or location or line-up of the event changes) and you will not be entitled to keep the ticket(s), transfer them to anyone other than the buyer or demand their return if you have already supplied them to the buyer.
    10. You should not send, supply or hand over tickets to a buyer without proof that the buyer has already paid for them.
    11. Please note that the laws that govern the resale of tickets may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to ensure that any ticket(s) you sell complies with the laws of your legal jurisdiction.
      1. When setting the sale price of your tickets and selling tickets through our marketplace service, it is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations, including any applicable ticket reseller regulations.
      2. You agree that by permitting the listing or sale of any ticket(s) via our service, we make no assurance or guarantee that such listing or sale is permitted or authorised.
      3. You agree that if you are listing and/or selling ticket(s) via our service, you take full responsibility for your actions.
      4. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, there are rules against offering for sale, listing or selling ticket(s) for any football match which is a 'designated football match' for the purposes of section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. If you are listing and/or selling tickets for a 'designated football match' via our service (with the exception of any team that has a partnership with Twickets or has given permission for Twickets to list its matches), note that your actions may constitute a criminal offence.
    12. You cannot deny responsibility for the authenticity or legality of ticket(s) that you list or offer for sale or supply to other users.
    13. We reserve the right to reject and/or remove your listing and any content posted by you on our service, in the event that:
      1. you breach any terms of the User Agreement (including this Ticketing Policy for Sellers);
      2. we are unable, after making reasonable enquiries, to verify your identity or the ticketing information you have listed or supplied;
      3. we discover that you have supplied any false information or we are unsure about the accuracy of your listing;
      4. we have any concerns about you as a seller based on your current or previous conduct when using our service; and/or
      5. we need to contact you but are unable to do so using the contact details you have provided.
    14. We do not guarantee that your tickets will sell or that your ticket listing will publicly appear on Twickets within a certain time after it is posted. Twickets will not, for any reason, provide any compensation for unsold tickets.
  9. Event Cancellation or Postponement
    1. If the event you have sold ticket(s) for is cancelled or postponed, you must notify the buyer and Twickets immediately.
    2. You agree to pass to the buyer any remedy you are entitled to receive from the party that originally supplied the ticket(s) to you (including, without limitation, a refund of the amount paid by the buyer to you for the ticket(s), excluding delivery charges, any unrecoverable booking fees and transaction fees) or the provision of replacement ticket(s) for the new event date via a delivery method agreed between you and the buyer, with the reasonable costs (if any) of the agreed delivery method which you have actually incurred to be reimbursed to you by the buyer (as applicable). Any refund or replacement tickets to be provided by you shall be subject to the buyer returning the relevant ticket(s) to you in accordance with your reasonable instructions.
    3. Where any remedy that you receive from the party that originally supplied the ticket(s) is a partial refund, you will pass the equivalent proportion of the amount paid by the buyer (excluding fees and transaction charges, any unrecoverable booking fees and transaction fees) to the buyer. For example where the remedy is a 50% refund of the ticket price that you paid, you will pass a 50% refund of the ticket price paid by your buyer.
    4. If the buyer paid for the ticket(s) via the Escrow Method, then provided the buyer returns the relevant ticket(s) to you in accordance with your reasonable instructions, you agree that Twickets may refund the buyer the amount paid for the ticket(s) excluding delivery charges and transaction fees.
    5. Where you pass on any refund to the buyer under Clause 8.2, you will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement of any costs or charges incurred by you during your original transaction with the buyer (for example, in the case of the PayPal Method, any PayPal charges you may have incurred).
  10. Dispute Resolution
    1. You will co-operate with us at all times and comply with any requests by us for information or clarification or investigation in relation to your listing or sale of any ticket(s) via our service.
    2. In the event that you have a complaint or dispute regarding a ticket transaction, the following applies:
      1. you must raise the issue in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy (please note the strict time-frames for doing so).
      2. You agree to use all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute in good faith and in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy.
      3. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your dispute and your transaction is covered by PayPal's Seller Protection Policy (see here), you may contact PayPal in accordance with any time frame stipulated by PayPal, to report the issue. We will provide all reasonable assistance to you in connection with your dealings with PayPal but we shall not be liable to you in the event that PayPal does not find in your favour.
  11. Guarantee for the Seller
    1. "The Guarantee" for you the seller means our promise to you that, in the event that you have validly listed and sold a ticket(s) via our service, your sale will not be confirmed to the buyer until the payment due has been received in full from the buyer.
    2. If you come across anyone acting suspiciously in their use of our site or our service, or if you have any reason to believe that any ticket(s) being sold between users is in breach of the User Agreement (which includes the Ticketing Policy for Buyers and this Ticketing Policy for Sellers), please contact us via our support page so that we may investigate.
  12. Administration Fee
    1. In addition to the remedies set out in Clause 17 of the User Agreement, we reserve the right to charge you a non-refundable administration fee equivalent to 15% of the face value of the ticket(s) in question should you fail to comply with this Ticketing Policy for Sellers or any other terms of the User Agreement.
  13. This agreement was last updated 10/2019