Terms & Conditions

Ticketing Policy for Buyers

  1. This Ticketing Policy for Buyers forms part of the User Agreement that you expressly agree to be bound by when purchasing or acquiring ticket(s) on our site.
  2. Minimum Requirements
    1. In order to purchase or acquire ticket(s) listed on our site, you must be able to enter into legally binding contracts and be aged at least 18 years old.
    2. You may only purchase or acquire ticket(s) for your own personal and non-commercial use.
    3. You must not obtain or attempt to obtain any ticket(s) through any automated means including, but not limited to, spiders and robots, or solicit any third parties to enter into or attempt to enter into multiple transactions (whether simultaneous or otherwise) of ticket(s) on your behalf.
  3. Price and Payment
    1. You accept that as a buyer you will be responsible for the following costs:
      1. the purchase price of the ticket(s) (if any);
      2. the actual out-of-pocket cost incurred by the seller in using the agreed method of delivering physical tickets, to be charged in accordance with the standard charges set out at the time of selection (also see the 'How It Works' section of our site); and
      3. a non-refundable transaction fee per ticket, payable to us and set according to the face value of the ticket (face value is the price that appears on the ticket). Our current transaction fees can be viewed here but please note we may revise the transaction fees at any time at our discretion by publishing new rates on our site. Only ticket(s) purchased after the new rates have been published on our site will be subject to the new rates.
    2. You must pay immediately for any ticket(s) that you commit to buying.
    3. Permitted payment methods include those supported by PayPal and any other payment methods stated on our site as being available. Cash exchange with sellers is not permitted.
  4. Delivery Method
    1. You acknowledge that the seller selects the delivery method option(s) available for the ticket(s) you want to purchase, and you must choose one delivery method from the options presented to you in order to secure the ticket(s). You will then be responsible for the delivery costs and our transaction fee as referred to in Clause 2 above.
    2. In the UK the following delivery methods have a charge:
      1. Post - Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed By 1pm - £6.60
      2. Post - Royal Mail Signed For - £1.90
      3. Drop and Collect - £2.50
    3. In Ireland the following delivery methods have a charge:
      1. Post - An Post Registered post - €8.00
    4. In other countries:
      1. Delivery methods with a charge will be calculated during checkout.
  5. Personal Information
    1. You should take care in the type of information you share via our service and you should only share personal information (including contact details and financial information, for example) as necessary and requested by us (in accordance with our Privacy Policy).
    2. All information, data and content that you provide and/or post must be accurate and be kept up to date by you - this includes contact information, as buyers and sellers may need to be able to get in touch with each other and we need to be able to contact you.
    3. You agree not to provide us, our service or other users (including sellers) with false information (including contact details).
  6. Ticket Listings
    1. Whilst we may make reasonable efforts to verify the information contained in ticket listings prior to posting the listing on our service (without obligation or representation), you agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy of any ticket information posted and it is your responsibility to ensure that details of the ticket(s) listed correspond with the event you are interested in.
    2. You should make all reasonable efforts to verify the legitimacy of the ticket(s) you wish to purchase, for example by checking location and venue details, dates and times of the event advertised, seat allocation / seat numbers and face value of the ticket(s) in question before you commit to buying them.
    3. You acknowledge that Twickets provides a marketplace service that allows users seeking to buy tickets to connect with sellers. Once you commit to buying any ticket(s) listed via our service, you acknowledge that you are entering into a legally binding contract and you have no right to cancel the transaction or change your mind.
    4. You must check the ticket(s) (including e-tickets) as soon as you receive them (immediately if delivered by way of 'meet up' with the seller or via "Drop & Collect"), and report any issues to the seller, without delay, by raising an issue in the Your Account section of our site.
    5. Any ticket(s) you purchase via our service will be subject to separate terms and conditions as set by the event organiser, venue and/or the original ticket retailer. You are responsible for making yourself aware of such terms and conditions and you agree and confirm that by purchasing any ticket(s) via our service you are accepting and agree to abide by all terms and conditions applicable to the ticket(s) and the event itself.
  7. Event Changes and Cancellation
    1. After you have purchased your tickets, it is your responsibility to monitor the details of the event right up until the event takes place, as it is possible that dates, times, line-ups, locations, etc. may change.
    2. If you become aware that the event you have purchased a ticket(s) for is cancelled or postponed, you should notify the seller and promptly comply with all reasonable instructions of the seller and/or Twickets (including, without limitation, returning the original ticket(s) to the seller), in order to receive either a refund of the amount you paid for the ticket(s) or replacement tickets for the new event date, should either option be made available to you by the seller or Twickets. Please note that these remedies are not guaranteed and we shall not be liable to you in the event that a refund or replacement tickets are not offered in the circumstances described in this Clause.
    3. For the avoidance of doubt, where a refund is provided by the seller or us under Clause 6.2,
      1. it shall not include a refund of any delivery costs incurred by you in the original delivery of physical tickets to you via our service, of any transaction fee(s) paid to us, or of any booking fee included in the purchase price which cannot be recovered by the seller and you will not be entitled to claim any associated costs such as travel, accommodation or loss of earnings, etc.
      2. the amount refunded to you by the seller shall be proportional to the ticket price that you paid. For example if the seller is refunded 50% of the ticket price that they paid, then the seller is expected to refund you 50% of the ticket price that you paid.
  8. Dispute Resolution
    1. In the event that you have a complaint or dispute regarding a ticket transaction, the following applies:
      1. You must raise the issue in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy (please note the strict time-frames for doing so).
      2. You agree to use all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute in good faith and in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy.
      3. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your dispute and your transaction is covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy (see here), you may contact PayPal in accordance with any time frame stipulated by PayPal to report the issue. We will provide all reasonable assistance to you in connection with your dealings with PayPal but we shall not be liable to you in the event that PayPal does not find in your favour.
    2. If you are unable to gain access to an event with any ticket(s) validly purchased through our service, you must raise this with the venue and ask the venue to provide you with written proof that you have been denied access (otherwise known as a 'turn away notification') outlining the problem and providing a contact name at the venue, a copy of which we or PayPal will require.
    3. If the seller raises an issue with you or with us in relation to ticket(s) you have purchased via our service, if requested by us, you agree to return all purchased tickets to us - unused and at your cost - so that we may investigate and deal with the issue and/or any dispute that arises.
    4. You will co-operate with us at all times and comply with any requests by us for information or clarification or investigation in relation to your purchase or attempted purchase of any ticket(s) via our service.
  9. The Guarantee for Buyers
    1. "The Guarantee" for you the buyer means our promise to you that where you have validly purchased and paid for a ticket(s) via our service, the ticket(s) you subsequently receive in return are not as described by the seller in their listing via our service, and your transaction is not covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy, we will use our reasonable endeavours to procure that you are refunded or reimbursed with the face value of the ticket(s) (only) provided that:-
      1. If your tickets aren't as described, you'll be covered for the full amount of the item. Where PayPal is used, you're covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection policy
      2. any such refund or reimbursement shall be made entirely at our discretion, acting reasonably and taking into account all relevant facts and circumstances; and
      3. you have complied with the timelines and procedures set out in our Dispute Resolution Policy.
  10. This agreement was last updated 10/2019